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Award-winning glamour photographer serving the cities of Southlake, Keller, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Colleyville and more!

Frequently asked questions

This is my first time taking this kind of photos. How do I pose or what should I wear?

Don’t fret your freckles, this is my expertise!! 

Part of my job as glamour photographer is to help you with posing and wardrobe. Follow my guidance during your photoshoot, and you’ll look nothing short of astonishing. Also, don’t forget your pre-shoot consult where I’ll provide tips and tricks for finding the best outfits for you.

Do you do airbrushing and other touch ups?

My goal is to showcase your true beauty. Your images will be fully edited in post-processing before I deliver your photo-album or wall-art display. That said, I will not change the shape of your eyes, or erase the texture of your skin. However, minor imperfections will be removed, and your hair will be retouched. You can expect a high-quality level of work. 

Do you shoot in a studio or outdoors?

Sometimes portraits require an indoor studio, while some other times gardens with flowers will make more sense. I have a list of spectacular outdoor locations all over the Dallas – Fort Worth; but I also partner with the best studios known to the industry. These sessions put the sole focus on you and your style. So either way, your photo-session will be produced to make you shine.  

I am interested in booking. How do I sign up?

That’s easy! All you have to do is call me at 214-566-4494 or email me at Alex@mpwme.com.

After your photo-session you will order from beautiful, handcrafted albums and stunning wall art pieces to adorn your living spaces. I require a $300 session fee to lock in your session.

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"AMAZING work & SUPER professional, Alex is great at doing what he does!"

– Maria S


Hi, my name is Alex!

I specialize in photographs that will put you in the best light (pun intended) and make you glow, shine, and catch all the attention! In other words, you will feel like a billion bucks.

You can expect professional, stunning, and thoughtfully crafted images that simply capture your true beauty and essence. Images you’ll be proud of sharing with the rest of your world.

A glamour photography session is ideal for anybody who is looking for flattering images and self-celebration. Glamour portraits can also be taken just for fun or for a special someone. I mean, who doesn’t love to get pampered, posed and capture right in front of the camera?

From head to toe I will work with you to ensure your personality and beauty are brought to the forefront for magazine-worthy results. Images will be crafted by an award-winning photographer who will provide an in-depth wardrobe consultation. As for the set, we shoot both in studio and on location depending on your needs.


Sometimes glamour portraits call for an indoor studio session, while other times the great outdoors makes for some gorgeous shots. Whichever you decide on, I have the ability to shoot both


"A really professional service, and amazing photos."

– Ragha P

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