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What do you love about the fall?

Why do I love the fall season so much?

Tie up your boots and wrap that pretty scarf around your neck. Take a stroll around the neighborhood or make the drive to the hills somewhere.  I can already imagine the trees changing color to beautiful hues of orange and red. Some leaves can also show tints of purple and yellow. I am sure you cannot deny how magical this natural turn in color is. Also, the fall breeze feels lighter, fresher, and recharging. Those beautiful autumn colors paired with cooler temperatures are a perfect excuse to explore the outdoors. Put on your warm sweater and explore the closest corn maze near you! Play in the fallen leaves, cook and enjoy your favorite stew, enjoy the golden mornings every day! Without a doubt, autumn has the power to refresh and revive every sense. 

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What makes autumn so special?

Fall also means family togetherness. This season marks the beginning of the holidays, sharing, and days filled with pure happiness. Do you remember the great times you had carving pumpkins with dad? What about getting kicked out of the kitchen by mom while you tried to find the delicious apple pie?  I remember my grandma used to sing while doing the dishes. And no one was allowed to leave the couch while grandpa told us his great stories.

I am sure you have realized Thanksgiving is one the best holidays because it doesn’t revolve around gifts, or material things. This holiday focuses on giving love and showing care. It is the time to reflect on our lives and be thankful for what we have. We are surrounded by people we care about the most.  And in turn they care to share with us.

Why do so many people love autumn?

Summer is a great season and spring is full of life! Winter will keep you indoors for ninety days. And fall will always hold a special place in my heart. The air during fall is full of nostalgia. The smell of firewood burning, chocolate and marshmallow melting in between graham crackers. Sit on your porch and sip on hot cocoa. Listen to the birds sing. Witness how the breeze makes trees dance. Nature is just happy during fall.  I wish I could live stuck in autumn  forever. l, maybe not forever, but you get the idea.

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Fall Season FAQ

What is the difference between autumn and fall?

Both terms are used commonly to refer the season between summer and winter. Fall is used more often in the United States, but it said Autumn to be the formal name of the season.

How do you describe the fall season?

Fall is the season between summer and winter. This is the time of the year when the trees begin to change color and the weather gets cooler. Also, the sun sets earlier and daylight is shorter.

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